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Celebrating Cambridgeshire Netball Covid Heroes

Even in the most challenging and unprecedented of times, the spirit of netball and the love of our netball family have been kept alive by our army of volunteers. This year, more than ever we wanted to celebrate the fantastic and always ingenious work of all our members. We decided to recognise this in the form of a new award - Cambridgeshire Netball Covid 19 Hero. The awards recognised any level of contribution from setting up online workouts to organising Covid safe training, touching base with members, working on the frontline, to doing some fundraising as a club.

Thank you to everyone who nominated and a huge congratulations to all the winners! 

Emma Jones, Comberton NC - nominated by Louella for Comberton NC
Emma Jones is our Covid Officer and Coaching Secretary and has liaised with England Netball and worked through all the Covid documentation with endless patience and good humour to brilliantly advise the club on appropriate practices to keep all our members safe and healthy. She has also done zoom coaching and produced fantasy leagues to give players focus and fun in lockdown. When we have been allowed back on court Emma has organised the coaching with amazing energy and enthusiasm so everyone was able to really enjoy getting their fitness back to now be ready for safe match play.

Joan Rolfe, Comberton NC - Nominated by Louella for Comberton NC
"Joan Rolfe our Secretary has worked tirelessly keeping all our senior and junior club members informed and connected throughout the pandemic. She has spent huge amounts of time liaising with England Netball and sharing all the information with the club. She has also coordinated our return to play by putting in an amazing effort to get safe access to the venue and ensuring all kit was safe and sanitised and also coaches junior players. She has kept the club going throughout a really difficult time despite having to shield herself and we couldn’t have done it without her. "

Jacqui Taylor - nominated by Caroline Scully on behalf of Cambridge County Prem League committee
Jacqui has been utterly amazing throughout the pandemic, utilising her knowledge from within the NHS, providing timely and detailed updates to the committee and ensuring that we were utilising her experience and knowledge to ensure that we could get the league back and running as soon as it was safe to do so. Jacqui did all of this and supported the whole committee whilst working in an incredibly busy, COVID-related role within the NHS in Cambridgeshire. She managed to share her knowledge and ensure the safety of her fellow players whilst managing mass vaccination sites across Cambridgeshire – simply amazing "

Jo Moir, Rockets NC - nomianted by Hannah Ward
 "Not only has Jo been working on the front line as a nurse at Addenbrookes, falling ill herself with Covid, but she has also massively supported the club and its members through this trying time. Arranging Facebook live fitness sessions/challenges, tiktok style netball montages and has helped me with the coaching whilst I am suffering with a bad back.  She has kept everyone’s spirits up and kept people smiling and feeling positive in these difficult times!  She’s our Hero!"

Jude Sallis, MI7 - nominated by Caroline Scully for MI7
"Jude’s relatively new to MI7 but enthusiastically took on the COVID-officer role. I appreciate all clubs/leagues have this role but we have been so impressed by Jude and her commitment. She did huge amounts of research and managed to ensure that we could get our 4 adult teams and nearly 80 junior players back on court as expeditiously and safely as possible. She came to additional training sessions, created an easy-to-read guide for all members and ensured she answered any questions as quickly as possible for anyone who contacted her – all whilst managing her own job and young family."

Maire Stevenson, Ely NC - Nominated by Claire Walker 
"Marie has worked so hard to get us safely back on court and holds this club together. She is so committed to ensuring the smooth running and has gone above and beyond to make netball possible during COVID we would not be here without her.”

Mel Woor, Haddenham NC - nominated by Debbie George
"I want to nominate Mel because she has been a driving force in making sure that our club could get playing netball in a safe and COVID compliant environment. We have protocols in our club which makes us all feel safe and are really happy that we can play netball again. If it was not for Mel organising these safety measures we would not have returned to netball as early as we did. Mel has also been helping other sports clubs who use  the recreation centre to implement their COVID measures therefore ensuring that everyone playing sport at grassroots level are safe.

Mel is also the COVID 19 Officer for CDNL she has has taken on the role with enthusiasm. She has communicated with Netherhall and has made it her mission to make sure that the league can return as soon as possible. Mel is well aware of the regulations and has thought of every scenario which may be a COVID risk and has arrived at a solution. I think the Friendly League at Netherhall  would not have happened without Mel’s hard work. I know that Me, if asked, is always at hand to give other clubs and leagues  advice.

I can’t think of anyone more deserving because of her dedication and love for netball that she put herself forward to take on what is an immense task."

Rebecca Whitwham, Hunts Hawks NC - nominated by Samantha Henson on behalf of Hawks
"Becky has organised COVID safe, enjoyable sessions throughout the last 18 months, whilst also adapting to the continuous changing of COVID rules. All the sessions have been planned really well and encourage all abilities! Becky has been a great support for all members of the club and always willing to help us in any way she can. She juggles her passion of netball along with working , childcare and coaching us to be the best we can be! Her passion really does shine through and is brought to every session. As a club, we would love to thank her for all of her efforts, to let her know it does not go unnoticed and we appreciate everything she does!”

Throughout the last 18 month Becky has had a really positive attitude to the Covid crisis, she has been super supportive to all our members and offered one to one coaching for all our new and back to netball and new ladies along side the existing Hawks while juggling her own personal challenges with family and work.  


Throughout last year when restrictions allowed she put on sessions in the park come rain or shine...mostly rain...but always had a smile on her face and was straight back on court as soon as we were allowed. Planning sessions for us and the other clubs she coaches while also completing additional coaching, mental health and Covid courses and applying for and winning a government grant to help sustain and rebuild the club post Covid.


Hawks as a club has face huge set backs and challenges over the last 18 months and we all want to thank her for her hard work in getting us through it. On behalf of all of us old lot and all the new ladies that are joining at the moment we would like to show our appreciation and hope that she can see all her hard work paying off as we go into the new 2021 season as we move forward as a stronger and more cohesive club.”

Sally Galenski, Cherries NC - nominated by Floria and Karen for Cherries
"Sally has been our Covid hero because she has consistently kept communication and motivation open for us through lockdown.  Organising online training sessions and just generally keeping check on everyone through lockdown. She has gone over and beyond to fully familiarise herself with all covid regulations etc, to ensure our safe return to netball training. All the above was achieved and maintained whilst sally was working full time and even when she took on additional part time job her commitment to Cherries and the game as a whole has been commendable and inspirational.”

Sally Smith, Warboys Witches - nominated by Lucy Parsons, Over NC
"Sally’s enthusiasm for the game is infectious, she goes above and beyond to get everyone involved in the game. She is our coach, our covid officer as well as running her own club. She’s created a new mid week league for back to netballers which has allowed our very new players to experience matches and they have fallen in love with the game. Sally has been poised and ready to go as soon as covid restrictions were lifted. She even ran online fitness sessions and offered it out beyond her own club. Sally deserves to be recognised.”

Sian Mawditt, Swifts - nominated by Rachael Green
"Sian hadn’t played a whole season with Swifts when she took on the role of CoViD officer. Sian got us back to training literally on the first day the government allowed us to. She has even managed to increase how many people come to training. Sian has been super organised & motivating, kept us all up to date with guidelines and even found time to listen to us all moan about not being able to lift share. We would love to say a massive thank you to Sian to getting us all back to the sport we love so quickly!"


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