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Cambridgeshire vs Essex

23 November 2017

"On Thursday 23rd November Cambridgeshire’s county B team travelled to Essex in order to play their squad; the team performed exceptionally well building on their team communication and play together as a new group, from their previous match.

With the entire team working extremely hard in the first quarter the girls secured a lead, the score standing at 3-5. From the beginning the defence put pressure on Essex turning over the teams attacking plays in the centre and defensive thirds. Grace (WD) performed especially well picking off passes and working them up to the attacking third- with help from Yasmin (C)-where Skye (GA) delivered: with excellent movement, and finishing off with great shots.

The second quarter continued this with the defensive players: Grace (WD) and Kathryn (GD) providing excellent support on the line, allowing play to be reset and a number of fantastic shots to be taken. These back up options and great movement from Izzy (WA) and Erin coming in as centre meant that the shooters could perform to their best- this being highlighted by Hannah’s (GS) 100% goal percentage. The score at half time stood at 9-13 to Cambridge.

The third quarter saw some more change with Bea (GD) working with Molly (GK), the girls worked excellently together covering all areas of the defensive third, fighting for rebounds and tips. Spacing along the court was strong, and the team really worked hard to receive and deliver straight and lateral passes making it hard to intercept or turn over. Essex fought back though giving their all ,and with a strong GS were able to close the gap slightly bringing the end score to 15-18, Cambridge still leading.

We knew the final quarter would be tough with both teams going out and wanting a win. All players worked really hard with Molly (GK) continuing with her high standard providing excellent back up and pressure in the end third aided by Kathryn (GD). All of the centre courts girls improved there spacing creating room for cuts and dodges, really coming together as a team. Both shooters also continued to shine and develop together in the circle, adapting to each other’s play and scoring numerous points for the team. This combined hard work and effort of the entire team lead the girls to victory, the final score being 22-24!

It was a fantastic match for the entire team, who all played amazingly- a great second match to be proud of."

- Kathryn Ealand (Vice-captain)

"Second county game for the A team against Essex. It was a tough start with a lot of pressure from the Essex defenders, turning over balls continuously. It started to get better for the attack as the quarter went on, unfortunately a 8-16 loss in the first quarter. Many changes were made however Essex carried on with the quick play. By the third quarter after further changes, Cambs started to pick up more interceptions and turnovers only losing the third quarter by one. The team began to work well together and the communication started to get better going into the fourth quarter, the team worked together to get the ball up the court and make turnovers when defence down the court putting in great effort and winning the last quarter. Overall an unfortunate loss of 48:26"

- Emily Bates

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