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On Saturady 27 October Cambs headed to Bedford for the first County Match play of the season. A great first match saw Cambs A team win 40-31 against a strong Bedford A team.
Match report: 
When we first got out onto the pitch we weren't 100% focused however we were determined to win and after not getting as many goals as Bedford in the first quarter, we quickly realised that we needed to increase our intensity in order to match theirs. By the end of the first quarter we were down: 7-10.
In the second quarter we gelled more as a team and we bought our intensity up and even though we were pulled up for quite a few held balls, we started to put more pressure on Bedford and forced quite a few errors which helped us gain more possesion and by the end of the second quater we were up: 18-17.
After half time, we were all focused and all played with more intensity and we worked on passing the ball back if needed to decrease the pressure meaning we weren't pulled up for as many 3 seconds, but we were still using the overload creating high pressure for Bedford meaning that we were turning the ball over quite alot. By the end of the third quarter we up: 29-23.
Although we were tired by the last quarter, we were determined to get a win. We we continued our tactic of overloading and forcing the errors and we brought the ball down the court efficiently. It was our first match playing together, we had fully gelled as a team and now knew how eachother played. By the end of the match we had won: 40-31.
Matilda Manning

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