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Ellie Nicholls - Pass on your passion

Ellie Nicholls started on her Pass on your Passion journey in 2019 following helping myself at a netball after school club in a local primary school in Cambridgeshire.  This scheme helped Ellie keep track of the hours she put into volunteering and also allowed her to progress her coaching through completing the hours. 

When she started the scheme she knew that different rewards came when you completed a certain amount of hours, however this wasn’t the reason for her doing this scheme; the main reward was seeing the progress in children’s ability in netball. By putting the hours in, it allowed young players the chance to improve their skills, build their confidence and have fun while playing netball.  Ellie is an absolute asset to these clubs as the children really look up to her and work hard in her sessions.


Furthermore, by doing the scheme it has opened more opportunities for her and allowed her to apply knowledge to more coaching opportunities. Completing 400 hours has shown me that in the last 100 hours my confidence, ability and knowledge had advanced from when she first started the programme. By working with different coaches and teachers it has allowed her to improve her skill set and adapt different ideas they have shared into drills and exercises to help improve students’ abilities within netball. 


Ellies says… ‘anyone looking to join the scheme should do it! The benefits are brilliant and really make a difference’


Ellie is a lovely, likable girl who is about to start sixth form at Sir Harry Community College in Whittlesey and plays netball for Whittlesey Warriors NC. She is now looking at completing her level 1 coaching and beginners umpiring course.


Ellie N


Pass on your passion

Find out more about Pass on your passion on the East website.

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