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HAWKS NETBALL CLUB celebrate 25 years of the game!


On Sunday 06 July 2014, from 12 noon to 4pm at Hinchingbrooke Park, Huntingdon, HAWKS NETBALL CLUB are celebrating their amazing 25th anniversary.  The club are inviting all current and past members of the club to come and celebrate their long standing presence within the netball community.


Hawks Netball Club has been an established club in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire since the end of 1988 and was formed by a group of ladies who had a passion for the game and wanted to share it with others in the community.  One of the founders of the club, Helen Stepney continues to spread that passion as not only is she still an active member of the club, she is also the Academies & Performance Officer, and Schools Liaison Officer, for the Cambridgeshire County Netball Association.


Like any club, Hawks have had their ups and downs.  They grew to a 5 squad club with an additional development squad but as their younger players moved on to university, Hawks found it difficult to gain new members.  Due to practical issues with so many squads and not enough members to fill them the decision, in 2011 the decision was made to decrease to a more manageable 2 squads.  However, the last 2 years has seen Hawks go from strength to strength as they are now a club of over 60 members with 3 senior squads and 1 junior squad competing in the Cambridgeshire & District Netball League and 1 squad competing in the Bedfordshire Netball League.  The club have also invested in training and now have a Level 3 coach and 4 Level 2 coaches involved in the coaching of the club.


This season has been Hawks greatest season with increased membership, their 1st team finishing as runner-up in Division 1 and winning the Premier Tournament, their 2nd team finished runner-up in Division 4 but after winning their play-offs they secured their place in Division 3.  Their 3rd squad have worked hard this season and have now become a strong squad ready to tackle Division 5 next season.  The Bedfordshire team finished runners up in the winter league and the cup tournament.  The club also secured their Bronze CAPS this season.


Hawks have a lot to celebrate this year and we are hoping the weather stays bright on the 06 July as Hawks will be hosting a BBQ for past and present Hawks members, their friends and family.  It will be a feast for many with fun games and activities to really celebrate what Hawks is all about - having fun with friends while playing the game they love. 

"Over the last 25 years, Hawks Netball Club has gone from strength to strength. From its humble beginnings as a group of ladies who wanted a fun and friendly way to keep active, it has grown into a thriving Bronze Caps club with nearly 60 members. Over the years, players have come and gone but every single one has helped make the club the friendly, fun and successful club it is today. We hope that all our members, both past and present, will join us for a celebration of 25 years of a truly fantastic netball club." Hawks Club Chairperson, Sarah Schofield.


If you have ever been a member of Hawks or wish to help celebrate their achievements over the last 25 years then please email Sarah Schofield, Club Chairperson.


Congratulations, Hawks, and best of luck for the next 25 years!

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