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Hunts & Peterborough Netball League end of season Report

Winter league completed with no games lost due to bad weather, winners were Hereward Harriers 2 and they will be joining Prem next season.

Floodlit league completed this week, this has been a very enjoyable fun league, with teams being handicapped by up to 15 goals in a 40 minute match. Winners were Wotsits.

AGM is scheduled for 11th May with the notifications having been sent out. All committee members are willing to continue in post.

Summer League starts on the 12th May, with 24 teams playing across 2 nights.

HPNL junior teams within Hampton have continued to do well and increase in numbers, with a new Year 7 training and team just being formed.

We have found that a lot of would be umpires are attending the umpiring course and then deciding it is not for them so to try to maximise the small number of places available we are going to run an umpiring taster session, to improve the likelihood of umpires progressing.

We have 2 umpires currently going through mentoring to prepare for a retest we will be using the Summer league for these sessions.

We have found our league’s affiliation process has increased the number of players, hopefully it will encourage the number of serious players and will increase the number teams participating in the feeder league.

Helen Hollowday
HPNL Representative

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