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South Match Play - 18 Nov 

It was a fabulous day of netball where both South Satellite squads got involved. It was an excellent opportunity for match practice and for the girls to play in combinations that they haven't so far. Everyone brought high energy and enthusiasm which resulted in some wonderful play. As a training exercise I was delighted to see the girls implementing the skills that we have been working on in training but beyond this it was a pleasure to see the girls building rapport among the squads making the whole day positive and very enjoyable. Well done South! - Holly Peck - South Lead Coach


Match report from South Player - 
“On Sunday 18th November we had 2 matches against County B and Satellite North.
It was the first time we had played together as a team and we really gelled.

I learnt to use different techniques we had been taught in training like getting free from my player, second move, cutting back and rolling off her. I felt my defending improved throughout the games, marking closer and always defending the ball. Marking the WA out of the game is always very satisfying! I also thought I marked well on centre passes putting pressure on and resulting in a turn over.

I really enjoyed playing a high standard of netball as it challenged me, made me think about the game and pushed me to perform my best.

We won both matches and I feel the team and how we gelled really contributed. I can’t wait for the next match!”

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