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September 2020

Dear Parents, Nominees, Sports Teachers and Junior Club Coaches,

As I write I am reflecting upon a most unusual year with last season ending so abruptly and so many uncertainties with the game of netball.

With all the restrictions associated with holding trials we have taken the decision to postpone trials until England Netball’s guidance is less restrictive and when trials can be viable. This may be as late as in the New Year with a possibility of extending the season until late June/early July.

I know that this will come as a great disappointment to you all as you have been waiting so long to hear some good news since you were nominated.

With all this in mind we would like to ensure that you are as well-prepared in the meantime for trials when they are finally possible. One of our Academy coaches has kindly put together a package of resources to help you to understand how to prepare for trials and to keep up your fitness and ball skills. Please share these ideas with either your sports schoolteachers or your junior club coaches so that they can help you. 


With very best wishes


Cambs Performance Lead

Resources to support training

These independent sessions are designed to help you get netball ready ahead of the Academy trials. They include elements of conditioning, fitness and individual movement and ball skills. There are 9 sessions in total and you should aim to complete one session each week. You can complete the session in one go, or you can spread the different activities across the week (recommended). You will need minimal equipment for the sessions: up to two netballs, markers/spots/cones, access to a wall and a small space. With all of the activities, focus on the quality of the movement/skill before you try to add pace or speed. 


Cambridgeshire Netball Academy provides talented young athletes living within the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough area with an introduction to England Netball’s performance pathway. The pathway acts as a conveyor belt for high quality English athletes, taking players from 12-13 years old, all the way through to the Senior National team.

Read more more information about forthcoming changes to the performance pathway for the 2019/20 season on the Mavericks website.

Parent information and calendars can be found on the U18 Academy Page or the U13/U15 Academy page.

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Facebook CCNA - If you're a parent you can join our closed Performance Facebook Group 'Cambs County Netball Academy'. Please note you'll have to reuqest and be approved to join.


Upcoming match play

Upcoming match play can be found on the Academy Information page



If you are looking for a club in Cambridgshire for your daughter then please see our Juniors page or adult club page for more information.


We are committed to the safeguarding of all our players with the England Netball Safeguarding Policy.


Cambridgeshire Netball Academy is coordinated by a voluntary Performance Group that reports to Cambridgeshire County Netball Association and is continually seeking to review and improve.

To feedback any comments or get involved as a volunteer, please email the group on: with ‘Academy Feedback’ in the subject heading.



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