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Cambs Netball 1st Stage Academy Trial Results 2019

Cambs Academy Trials 2019

Thank you to all the nominees who took part in this year’s first stage trials for the forthcoming season. The standard of netball was very high and your should all be pleased with your performance.

If you were unable to complete the trials due to injury or illness then your daughter’s name will not appear in either outcome list. You will be contacted separately to invite her to complete the trials on 23 June.

Please find below the results from the first stage trials.  Please read the outcome letter (A or B) assigned to your name. Names are listed in aphabetical order (by surname) in the relevant age group and by outcome. 

If you would like to have feedback of your performance please ask your parents to email the Head Selector, at and she will reply to you as soon as possible.

If you have trialled and appear here as successful, and have already indicated to me that your daughter is unable to attend the second stage trials,  then you will be contacted separately by email to arrange a second trial in September. 

Many thanks

Juliet Francis

Cambs Performance Lead

Outcomes years 6 and 7 

If your name is listed below, please read Outcome Letter A:

Amelie Bacon

Georgia Killick

Alice Barnes

Isabelle Kimberley

Isabella Beeson

Eva Louise King

Ruby Bickeley

Rose King

Lilian Brown

Olexandra Klibanecz

Poppy Budd

Freya Krstonosic

Phoebe Butterworth

Georgia Leppan

Millie Cannings

Lois Longaretti

Bethany Cave

Jessica Lord

Molly Challis

Jean Macdonald

Martha Chaplin

Jemima McDermott

Rosabella Clarke

Jemima Mitchell

Harriet Cowan

Muna Mokah

Ellen Daley

Joanna Ogunsakin

Helena Dobos

Lily Page

Keira Donne

Leah Palmer

Elizabeth Drury

Erin Paterson

Leah Eaton

Florence  Patterson

Genevieve Eaton-Banks

Lexie Perry

Madeleline Fisher

Grace Pierson

Eva Fonjock

Olivia Pinchbeck

Amelia Frear

Frakina Polina

Juliette Gibbs

Nellie Purser

Gabriella Giussani

Emily Quayle

Alice Greatorex

Tessa Quayle

Sharday Hall-Payne

Selma Rahmoune

Isabella Harris

Kiera Routledge

Jessica Harrop

Anna Ruggiero

Chloe Hellen

Eliana Scarborough

Briony Herring

Orla Screaton

Ana Hickling


Sarah Higgins

Charlotte Smith

Anya Hjaltun-Rayner

Isabel Smith

Jessica Holman

Holly Starr

Freya Houlden

Ellie Swindell

Aimee Hutchinson

Sophia Taylor

Elizabeth Hutton

Isla Thompson

Maddie Jackson

Tess Warder

Rhiannon Jones

Ella Weeks

Suzanna Kananga

Martha Wells

Mia Karagholi

Mille Wells

Ava Keating

Jenna Whinney

If your name is listed below, please read Outcome Letter B:

Georgia Abensour

Anna Lefley

Olivia Alvey

Jessica Lloyd

Georgia Anderson

Lily Lofting

Charlotte Arnold

Lilianna Look

Olivia  Baldwin

Myla Marshall

Kyra Bird

Emily  Meli

Gracie Blickman

Priyanna Morrill

Ellie Cairney

Tiana Muzuva

Maddison Cardy-Lewis

Eleanor Newiit

Ianthe Carr

Catherine Raynes

Ruby Charter

Madeleine Redpath

Rayhanah Choudhuri

Madeleine Redpath

Annabelle Cutts

Evelyn Reilly

Eleanor Drinkwater

Tia Roberts

Rosabella Duffy

Millie Rooney

Ashleigh Elsom

Charlie Rouam-Sim

Maya Enow

Beatrice Sepanski

Hannah Farrell

Callie Smith

Arianna Favot

Tilly Smyth

Bethany Geach

Hannah Stein

Annabel Gee

Holly Stevenson

Charlotte Hardiman

Arwen Tarling

Keira Hazell

Jennie Upward

Evie Hornsby

Beth Walker

Maggie Inman

Willow Wallman

Angela Kananga

Emily Wring

Ella Kilby

Isabel Yallop

Eva King

Emily Young

Outcomes years 8 and 9

If your name is listed below, please read Outcome Letter A:

Michelle Archbold

Martha Hoyles

Ella Baldaro

Ella Hutchinson

Florence Barnett

Zabeetah Idris-Sanusi

Bea Bingham

Grace Kinsey

Annie-May Cannings

Maddie Laughlin

Beth Casey

Rosie Linnell

Lauren Clark

Amelia Loose

Fenella Clarke

Alisha Loveridge

Chloe Coenen

Kate Morris

Maddy Cook

Ellie Nicholls

Lily Costen

Alana Pritchard

Georgie Dowler

Grace Richards

Lucie Dowler

Isabel Rumsey

Molly Egbe

Millie Ryan

Abigail Facey

Hannah Scotland

Esme Fowler

Kinga Sierakowsica

Madaline Glasgow

Charlotte Smith

Charlotte Hamblin

Maria Spencer

Claudra Harlow

Tilly Walters

Imogen Hipkin-Holland


If your name is listed below, please read Outcome Letter B:

Erin Ansell-Crook

Honey Lyden

Sophie Bicknell

Charlotte Mann

Faith Bird

Emilia Mason

Lauren Booth

Maddie McGloin

Honey Budd

Harriet Miller

Libby  Bycroft

Michelle Mytnik

Katie Clarkson

Georgia Nelson

Simone Cole

Ella Newton

Alice Collie

Milly Nicholls

Lucy Collin

Aoife Niembro

Saskia Coningsby

Zoë Nixon

Daisy Corner

Megan O'Donaghue

Lucy Cornwell

Faith Okeke

Josie Criddle

Jessie Owers

Rosey Davies

Grace Pedler

Holly  Drury

Penny Phelan

Vera Edgington

Nella Porritt

Scarlett El Refaie

Megan Preston

Xanthe Farman

Lauren Ralph-Beales

Bobby Flintoft

Martha Rodgers

Lucy Freeman

Thaiyane Santos

Abigail Fryer

Indy Scott

Alexandra Gherabi

Carolina Serra Dos Santos

Imogen Good

Lottie Smith

Madeline Gould

Posy Smith

Olivia Greenhill

Chloe Taylor

Isabelle Havard

Chloe Turner

Mia Herbert

Josephine Uhi

Amy Hirst

Hana Wall

Ameila Homer-Wooff

Natasha Warby

Hetty Hoyles

Isabel Weston

Tea Hunter

Gabriela Wojcik

Isobelle James

Sian Woods

Ellie Johnson

Pola Zapart

Annabel Kaser


Charlotte Kemp


Julia Leinonen


Lacey Lilley


Melissa Lorman-Hall




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