Affiliations 2021/22

Every netballer who wants to play in a competitive league in the County has to be affiliated to England Netball, via a club. This includes playing, coaching or officiating netball in the county. The annual affiliation fee covers activity from 1 September to 31 August.

If you are an official you may register as an IRP (Independent Registered Participant). As a county we believe that every netballer playing in a match, whether friendly or competitive, should be affiliated.

Through affiliation you are also covered by England Netball Civil Liability and Personal Accident Insurance, as well as contributing to the development of the sport that you love.

For affiliation queries please contact Liv.

Liability & Personal Accident Insurance

To ensure that full Liability and Personal Accident Insurance Cover for a participant is activated for any ‘authorised and recognised’ netballing activity, the participant must ensure that they are affiliated and fees paid to England Netball.

Please remember that players are not affiliated and therefore not insured to participate in any ‘recognised and authorised’ netballing activity until their payment has been processed by either England Netball or your County Netball Association, if applicable. 

Affiliation Fees

Fees 2021/2022 Cambridgeshire CNA and Regional board have both decided to waive their fees this year, resulting in an 18% decrease in what the cost would have been. Added to that England Netball’s fee-freeze will continue for another year.

The fees for each category for the period ending 31 August 2022 are therefore as follows:

Group memberships:

University group membership £175.90

Secondary school group membership £26.50

Personal Membership:

Over 18 (persons aged 19 and over on 1 September 2021) £36

Under 18 (persons aged 18 and under on 1 September 2021) £16.30

Under 14 (persons aged 14 and under on 1 September 2021) £8.55

Under 11 (persons aged 11 and under on 1 September 2021) £5.30

Social and Supporting membership (for fans that don’t play, coach or officiate themselves) £13.75 

Benefits of Affiliation

Membership forms have to be completed by all affiliated players and copies have to be kept by club secretaries. The forms can be downloaded below.

For information on Taster Rates, see the England Netball website.

Over 18 Registration

Registration for 16 and 17 year olds
Under 16 Registration

If you have any questions please contact Liv

For a full list of costs and benefits, please visit the England Netball website.