Jill Harrison – 23 years at the helm of CPL

Jill Harrison – 23 years of CPL

March 2022 saw Jill Harrison hand over the reigns of the Cambridge County Premier League to a new Chair, having been in her post for over 2 decades and we would all like to take the opportunity to thank her for her incredible work and commitment to Netball. 

Jill is an incredibly dedicated, passionate and driven member of the Netball community. She is fiercely supportive of women’s sport and the development of Netball generally and the officials that make our beloved sport happen. 

The paperwork shows that Jill Chaired her first Premier League meeting on Monday the 17th August 1998. That is an amazing 8624 days at the helm or in real terms, 23 years, 7 months, 2 weeks & 1 day – just incredible!! 

I am told that Jill had always been this passionate about netball but if Cliff Richard was to turn up at the court she would be one hell of a devil woman!! 

She has worked tenaciously to maintain and improve the standards of Netball within the County (and further afield) and support teams to progress to Regional level. 

I asked fellow members of the Netball community for their thoughts and I got the following quotes:  

“I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her belief, guidance generosity with her time and knowledge. Always appreciated.”

“Thank you Jill for welcoming me into the Prem umpiring group – your support and introduction to the start of my Prem umpiring journey made it a great experience! Probably wouldn’t of had the confidence to do it without your help! Thank you x “

“Always very helpful with clarification of rules, always supportive of umpires and a great mentor. Has helped CDNL out on many occasions with umpiring. When I first took on Chair for CDNL was a real help and has been instrumental in ensuring the two leagues work alongside each other and support each other.”

“Jill has devoted many hours, over very many years as a committee member, umpire and now walking netball player for the sport she loves.”

“She is a very strong decision maker, cares so much about the league and it’s teams. She is consistent and committed and great at developing young/new umpires.

Jill is not lost entirely to Cambridgeshire but we are incredibly grateful for her years of commitment to CCPL and we shared just a few small gifts as a token of our appreciation.

On behalf of everyone in Cambridgeshire netball, we’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for everything you’ve done for for our members!

Caroline Scully, CCNA and Cambridgeshire members xx


Jill Harrison

(above, Jill Harrison)

Jill and Floria

(Floria and Jill, flowers on behalf of CCNA)

Jill Harrison, Julie and Janette

(Julie, Jill and Janette)